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**UPDATED** Hello Sons of Norway brothers and sisters! Please share this with your other lodge members.

I mentioned a Cultural Challenge to District 7 lodge for this term (2018 to 2020) which we will celebrate at the next convention in Kelowna. Here are the details:

Each lodge can participate regardless of the number of members (or how many members want to join in the fun). Choose a Cultural Skill from the Cultural Skills program on the International website. Some examples are Norwegian Cooking, hardangersom, rosemaling, woodcarving, Norwegian language, folk dancing, genealogy, or stamp collecting. (It is a good idea to pick something your group wants to learn and try some new skills.) Get a group together for an evening, a day, a weekend or several small sessions and work together on that skill. Send me information on the skill(s) that your lodge is working on and I will gather this information so that participating lodges can be recognized.

This isnít really a contest because any lodge that participates is a winner! If you choose to do a Cultural medal you can be rewarded by the International lodge with medals that you can present to participants at an event of your choosing. Invite non-members to join in the fun and use this as a way to increase your membership.

There are people in District 7 who are willing to teach various skills, but your lodge will be responsible for organizing a teaching session and paying the travel costs of any of the teachers. Ask me if you need some contact information. There are also some classes available in the Lower Mainland through the Norwegian House Society or the Scandinavian Centre if you are a Lower Mainland lodge. Victoria also has some good teachers. I know that lodges in other areas have people with various skills or who have arranged for a teacher to come to teach their members, so living out of the Lower Mainland is not a reason to opt out.

To connect with the Cultural Skills Program information on the Sons of Norway website begin with www.sofn.com and log in (if you donít have a userid and password, you can use your Sons of Norway membership number to set up an account). Go to Member Resources, which will be a red box at the top of your personal information page. Scroll down until you find Cultural Skills Program. Click on the word Cultural Skills Program and you will open the information page for the Cultural Skills Program options. There are a variety of skills listed and PDFís for each skill.

Letís have some fun with this! The deadline in April 30, 2020.

Susan Strang, District #7 Cultural Director




2020 District #7 Convention & Lodge Meeting
Host:  Hardanger Lodge 7-109
May 1 - May 3, 2020

Director for Zone 1 and District 7 Secretary Melvin Klassen, has stated that all reservations
on behalf of Sons of Norway have been cancelled at the Royal Anne Hotel in Kelowna.
For further information contact Melvin at







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